Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

New Year’s Day 2019

Today is a pretty uneventful day.   We stayed home last night and listened to the celebratory craziness of our Mexican community. Fireworks, dancing, loud music, and Mexican karaoke until 5am.  I really do love to see so many people having so much fun! But alas, as it rolled into the mid-morning I could only imagine a large majority of these folks popping aspirin and eating hot bowls of menudo: a traditional Mexican soup, made with cow’s stomach (tripe) in a red chili pepper broth with hominy, lime, onions, & oregano. (The soup best known in Mexico for a hangovers.)

So, what is so special about January 1st, 2019? It means we only have 235 days to go.  235 days until we are in Nevada and starting a new chapter in our lives. 235 days left to sell everything we have and save enough money to make this whole move possible.  So far the fishing equipment, guitars, car have all been sold. This money plus the cash from what else we sell will go towards our remaining monthly rent and expenses.  This leaves just my income to be saved to fly to Nevada, buy a van, and essentially kick-start our new life.  We’ll talk more about this in future blogs as things develop.  

In 1984 I traveled all over the USA living in a mid 1960’s Dodge van.

Budgeting for this move goes beyond just the actual physical move.  We are also spending money on dental, vision, and medical before we go.  Everything is so much cheaper in Mexico. We are trying to get all the “body maintenance” stuff taken care of before we enter back into the States.  After almost five years we are going to have to re-learn how to work within the bureaucracy of the US Insurance and Government medical system in the midst of all the current US political chaos.

We are also busy building our YouTube channel.  Investing in some moderately priced camera and video editing software is another thing we had to factor into our budgeting.  (Money, money, money… always talking about money…yeah, I know, but like in everyone’s life, nothing is free and we need to make smart choices.)   Filming and editing takes forethought, planning, and diligence.  We have opted for the SX720 Powershot because of its size and portability and 40x optical zoom.  Our Vlogging camera is the new GoPro 7.  It stabilizes the image so well, there is not need for a gimbal.  See our “Equipment Page” to learn more.

For every three hours you film you might end up using only 20 minutes for your video. Everything at this point is a learning experience.  Glad you took the time to come along!