Walk Across America 2020

A seven month – 3,500-mile walking adventure from Boston, Massachusetts to the Oregon coast.

 A word about us and COVID 19 Pandemic

As of July 17, 2020  Marvy and I are still Walking Across America 2020.  We are diligent in maintaining our Social Distancing and making every effort to provide creative content for everyone staying at home looking to take their minds off the problems that are surrounding us.  If you wish, watch all of our videos on our YouTube channel “Rob and Marvy”  and please be safe during these difficult times!

Why am I doing this walk?
I love every square mile of the United States.  Marvy however, has not seen very much of it, so we are living in a van (modified into a home) and  Marvy is driving the van 10-30 miles ahead of me each day to meet me at the end of the day!  It is difficult to explain exactly “Why” I am doing this.  To many folks, it’s just plain crazy, but all I can say is for all the long distance walkers, hikers, runners, bicyclists, and backpacking adventurists,…they understand. My goal, is to, of course, finish the walk, build awareness for “Homes On Wheels Alliance” and also to draw attention on the longest Highway in America, Historic Route 20. The main thing is, you can enjoy the journey in the comfort of your home by simply following us on YouTube, and if you feel you can support and be part of this adventure, you can make a donation on any of the links at the bottom of this page.

Are you walking for a “Cause?”
Yes, There are so many people who are being left behind by society.  People, through no fault of their own, are close to being homeless. “Homes On Wheels Alliance” is a charitable 501(c)3 nonprofit organization which provides unconventional housing and support for these people.  I am building awareness for them.  While all the links listed at the bottom of this page are to support our Walk Across America, I ask that you visit their website and see if you could support them.

Rob, come on buddy… you’re 62 years old, aren’t you a little too old for this stuff?
I have survived two operations for bladder cancer and another recent one for an aggressive malignant
melanoma. I have broken and fractured bones in motorcycle accidents, climbing, and kayaking accidents and have been living with diabetes and hypertension. I decided when I turned 60 in Sept. 2017 that I would change to a healthier diet and start simply walking as much as I could. Eight months later, I have lost 22 pounds, lowered my blood sugar, and reduced my blood pressure to a safe and manageable level.

Where do you start and end?
My route began March 23, 2020 in Boston and will finish about seven months later (giver or take a couple weeks) in Newport, Oregon. I will be following the Historic Route 20 the entire way.

What are the costs?
Well, there are on-the-road costs. Good hiking shoes, appropriating synthetic cloths, rain and snow clothes, food and personal items and electronics. (Hopefully all the electronics I will have purchased myself before the trip.) Life on the road: My wife and I will be using a van during the trip. We will sleep in the van (Which eliminates those occasional expensive motel/hotel costs! So the support costs for the fuel and the rare campground parking (for showers!) You can camp in your RV or camper van at some Walmarts, and several other Retailers and Truckstops, but there is never any guarantee.  We will be cooking out of the van 90% of the time to keep costs down. I am too old to believe I can sustain myself physically by living on pop-tarts and energy drinks. Medical: Almost everyone I have been in contact with who has hiked like this has had some medical setbacks where they needed attention. A visit to an ER or clinic is a strong possibility for anyone who walks across America, regardless of age. On a final note, auto expenses are always an unknown factor.  You never know when that “Check Engine” light will come on!

 How can I support your Walk Across America 2020?
There are several ways!  First is just by going to our YouTube Channel and Subscribe, Like, and Share!  (See links at the bottom of the page.) The next way is to directly contribute to  the “Walk Across America 2020” GoFundMe page (See the link below.)  This is a fund raising effort ONLY for the actual Walk Across America 2020 adventure.   Or, if you watch and follow Marvy and Me on YouTube and wish to support all the work we do to provide video and blog content for your enjoyment, you can click on the menu page that says “Support Our Work”   and see all the choices with or without actually donating money! OUr favourite way is either through a PayPal one-time donation or to join our Patreon community of “creative-content” supporters!   Again, visit the links below.




Walk Across America 2020.

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Some people have asked if it is possible to make one-time contribution instead of being a part of Patreon.   Yes, Yes Yes! We would love to accept your one-time contribution through PayPal direct.