Here is some of the equipment we use. 

 Note:  I only list equipment that I have used.  When possible I post my pic using the equipment.  Too many people try to just do product reviews but have never even used what they are linking to.  You can trust that I have.  If you have any questions about the listed equipment  please let me know!!

Besides the specific equipment listed on this page, you may click on the Amazon link directly below to purchase anything you wish. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases..


This is my main vlogging set up.  I use, almost exclusively, my Pixel 6 Google Phone. LOVE IT.  I use it for my regular videos being mounted on the Ulanzi U Rig attached to my Tyca tripod which I have used for over 5 years! I ditched the GoPro over a year ago  which I had used for almost all of my early videos simply because the DJI Osmo works as well for me for a lot less money and it is not as “glitchy.” This system is so light and easy to use, and I use it for all the “wet” and action shots or multiple angle shots when I need two cameras.

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Our Kitchen

After using this USB Rechargable Electric Lighter, I will never buy another gas lighter!   It is amazing and a MUST for anyone on the road! We love the Coleman Camp stove/grill.  We had one of these for years before we moved to Mexico, and bought this one a when bought our van.  We used it absolutely every day.  The grill is great to toast bread, muffins, heat frozen waffles, grill fish, burgers and veggies!  We recently changed from a food cooler to an actual fridge!   Top of the line the Iceco VL 45 is affordable and uses very little power with a five-year warranty on its DanFoss compressor. We love our Fox Outfitters folding Grill!!  Our Biolite stove is our wood or pellet stove “for when all else fails!”  It also generates power from the stove’s heat to power your phone in an emergency situation. (See our Youtube video: )

Let There Be Light!

We love our Rope Lighting.  We have two of them, one for the ambient inside light, while the other illuminates the outside of our van at night!   The USB Connector draws very very little power.  For really bright white light we use the USB connected single bulb for either inside or outside the van.  And finally the AlpsWOlf rechargable camp light is SO BRIGHT!  It has also mounts easily on a tripod.  We have a video on it here:

Cell Phone Signal Booster

The WeBoost Reach has paid for itself time and time again for allowing us to boondock un areas where there is very little cell signal allowing me to earn money while online and stream music and movies.   Mine stopped working 18 months into a 2-year warranty.  WeBoost sent me a brand new one!!

Personal Hygiene

This Wolfwise Popup showere isn’t the most expensive, but it exactly as the others do, it provides privacy and block the cold wind when you are either taking a shower or using it as a bathroom.   I really like this Shower pump by Innhom.  You can see my video on it here:

Our Power System

We use 1,500 watt hours of power. The Bluetti 150 provides all the power we need! All of that has been with two four hundred watt solar panels , but now we have a 230W Panel mounted on the top of our van and feeding through the roof directly into the Bluetti.

Valuable Odds and Ins

While I prefer to call roadside assistance and let them change my tire, there have been times when I needed to plug the tire myself and this kit was a life saver.  Also these portable Air Compressors are important to either re-inflate the tire once it has been repaired or just add air when your tires are low. (A trick to getting unstuck in deep sand is to deflate your tires a lot to increase surface area.) Just make sure you get one that wile handle the pressure that your thires requier. Jumper Cables are great, but what happens when you have a dead battery in the middle of nowhere?  This DB Power system will easily start my 6.0 Battery in our 3500 van.   If space in your vehicle is an issue, this is an ultra light table that we use all the time.   A great portable sound system in important for Marvy and me for music, movies and Audible book!  And this JBL is one of the best on the market.